The Perfect Apartment for My Sister and Me

When my sister and I decided to look at new apartments in Henderson NV, we knew that it was going to have to be a really great apartment for the two of us to become roommates. We had each been living in our own apartment, paying way too much, and we figured we could save money if we were splitting the rent as well as the utilities. The only problem is that we both like our privacy a lot, even from each other. That is why we had to find just the right apartment, which neither of us was sure could happen.

We were both surprised when we found the perfect apartment within minutes of starting our search. We only looked at two bedroom units that had two bathrooms. We did not need a guest room or anything like that because, like I said, we are very private. We just wanted to have our own space, and this two bedroom apartment at The Edge apartment complex provided just the floor plan we needed to make us both happy. The bedrooms are nearly the same size, and we would each have our own private bath too.

It gets better though. We also have a large walk in closet in each bedroom, and there is also a room with a washer and dryer in it along with storage for our linens. There is a separate coat closet right off the dining room too. The kitchen is huge, and there is a dining room right next to it. The living room is really big too, which is nice since we were hoping to put some bookcases in there. The best part though is the patio that is right off the living room. The view from it any time of day or night is simply spectacular, and it is where we actually spend the most time together!