The Biggest Apartment I’ve Ever Had

When I started looking at a luxury apartment for Boston area residents, I knew I found the perfect one as soon as I saw the Rockport floor plan for the Ocean 650 apartments. I wanted to have a lot of room because I have lived in small apartments for the last ten years. It was time for a change, and I knew picking the right apartment for me was a huge step in that direction. I had looked at studio apartments at first, thinking that they would be a bit bigger since they are in a luxury complex.

While they were, the studio apartments still felt too small for me. I then looked at the different one bedroom units, and there were quite a few layouts to choose from. It shouldn’t be too surprising that I ended up taking the largest one. I could have fit my last two apartments in this one, so that is indicative of how much space I now have. I have a huge walk in closet that is nearly as big as my bathroom, which is also pretty big. I have a laundry closet on the other side of my bedroom wall, and the kitchen is right across from that.

What is probably the most amazing feature of my apartment is the living room. It is a staggering 14’2″ by 21’3″. It is at least twice as big as my last living room, if not more. There is also a balcony off of it, and it gives the most gorgeous views of the sunrises and sunsets. The kitchen is huge too, and there is a small room next to the kitchen that I use for my home work station. If I had known luxury apartments were this nice, I certainly would have moved sooner than I did to be able to enjoy it earlier!