Getting As Far Away from the Wall’s Shadow

You might call me an absurd man for what I’ve done. A part of me feels rather ridiculous for doing so but there was a serious reason for moving. You see, I’m from Texas. Unlike most of my fellow Texas (except for those beautiful people in Austin), I’m a rather liberal minded individual who prides himself on believing that all men are born free and should be treated as free. Unfortunately, our latest President doesn’t feel the same. In fact, this man wants to build a wall across my beautiful State. So, finding apartments for rent in Medford ma, I made the decision to do the one thing I genuinely believed I would never do: move.

Maybe you think that in itself is an outrageous claim; that I would never move. Why not? I thought I was happy there in Texas. I had everything that I could ever want and more. (more…)

Great Luxury Apartments in New Haven, Connecticut

We were moving from Branford to New Haven. We got online and looked at New Haven luxury apartments, and we found a really nice apartment complex just a few minutes away from where I worked. The College and Crown apartments looks brand new when you drive up. It is very new. Probably the mortar holding the bricks together is still curing in some spots. This alone made the place a must-see while we were out looking at apartments. It was important to us to at least have a renovated place, but this place was new. So, instead of having remodeled apartments on old grounds, this was a thriving new community.

I like the views and how it is surrounded by all of the things you want from entertainment to dining. (more…)

I Took a Trip Down to Florida

Of course I knew that my neighbors planned to retire down to Florida and I assumed that they planned on hiring a moving van just like most people would. However it turned out that one of their sons had a truck that he could borrow from his boss, so long as he had it back the next Monday. He and I did a lot of moving before we left. The final destination was one of those luxury apartments in West Palm Beach Fl. The truth is that I stayed up all night the night before and slept much of the way down. We loaded up the truck on a Thursday night and then we left about five in the morning so that we could get out of town before the traffic woke up and made it difficult. Of course we hit Charlotte NC at a bad time, or maybe the traffic is always bad there.

The trip went pretty well and we got down there before it was completely dark. The moving fun began right then, but we had things organized pretty well. (more…)