My Goal is to Live in a Building That Offers Bigger Units

Several of my coworkers live at the New Futura in Singapore and that is where I want to live as well. It’s a beautiful place, and like most people in this world, we want to have beautiful surroundings at home. It is my plan to push as hard as I can to become a manager in my department so that I can make a decent salary and get out of the very tiny and basic studio that I live in. I want to live in a place that offers amenities and lots of space to come home to every night.

It’s very common here for many people in my country to live in tiny studio apartments that are no more than about 100 square feet. I want to live in the New Futura because the owners of that building really understand what it means to have a feeling of freedom thanks to having more space. The building has a pool, beautiful views and the owners have even landscaped. In the building that I live in now, I haven’t even seen one potted plant inside or outside.

I first got a taste of what it is like to have more living space when I went to visit a friend in another country. I felt like I could spread out and breathe each day in her home. It helped me to feel more restful and relaxed. It was also exciting to think of all the decorating possibilities when you have a bigger canvas to decorate. I want to have a full-sized couch and a loveseat for all of my guests. I also want a queen-size bed to sleep in each night as well. I also want a kitchen that I can move around in easily with full-sized kitchen appliances to make really nice meals when I have dinner parties.