Great Luxury Apartments in New Haven, Connecticut

We were moving from Branford to New Haven. We got online and looked at New Haven luxury apartments, and we found a really nice apartment complex just a few minutes away from where I worked. The College and Crown apartments looks brand new when you drive up. It is very new. Probably the mortar holding the bricks together is still curing in some spots. This alone made the place a must-see while we were out looking at apartments. It was important to us to at least have a renovated place, but this place was new. So, instead of having remodeled apartments on old grounds, this was a thriving new community.

I like the views and how it is surrounded by all of the things you want from entertainment to dining. I had never spent a lot of time in New Haven since moving to Connecticut, but I really liked what I saw every time we drove through or stopped. The College and Crown is nice with its tall building on the corner. That was definitely a plus for us. They are pet-friendly too, and that was also a must. We were not going anywhere without taking our cat. His name is Mutt. Yes, an odd name for a cat, but he is an odd cat. He seemed to settle in fast when we moved. He’s declawed and fixed, so he does not go outside. He has no interest in it actually. He just lounges around looking out the big windows soaking up the sun.

We have been enjoying our new apartment. This place is clean and fresh in every nook and cranny. Nothing is out of order or broken down, and everything works. The maintenance staff keeps everything running here like a well-oiled machine. From our apartment to the dog walk area, everything is kept in great shape.