Getting As Far Away from the Wall’s Shadow

You might call me an absurd man for what I’ve done. A part of me feels rather ridiculous for doing so but there was a serious reason for moving. You see, I’m from Texas. Unlike most of my fellow Texas (except for those beautiful people in Austin), I’m a rather liberal minded individual who prides himself on believing that all men are born free and should be treated as free. Unfortunately, our latest President doesn’t feel the same. In fact, this man wants to build a wall across my beautiful State. So, finding apartments for rent in Medford ma, I made the decision to do the one thing I genuinely believed I would never do: move.

Maybe you think that in itself is an outrageous claim; that I would never move. Why not? I thought I was happy there in Texas. I had everything that I could ever want and more. Until President Trump became President and our former Governor Rick Perry became head of the department of energy. This is nothing but bad news, boys and girls. Our beautiful state is going to be plundered by billion and millionaires. People with too much money have finally bought our government. There’s only so much we can do about it.

Instead of sticking around to watch the Lone Star state be ripped apart by President Trump and his cronies I’ve moved as far north as I can while staying in in the United States. It’s going to take serious adjustment (especially the cold) but the thought that keeps me going is that I won’t have to be there to see a wall cast over a shadow over the freedoms of this land. I can’t pretend to understand what makes a person want to do the things that President Trump has done but I can at least do my part in preventing them.