Everyone is Happier at This Apartment

I knew that my sister needed help finding an apartment closer to her work, so I made it my mission to do that for her. She has two daughters who are nearly teens, so she had her hands full between working full time, being a single mom, and raising two very active kids. I knew she had been wanting to move, and she was able to afford something much nicer than where they were living. I did a search for Lake Highlands apartments in Dallas TX because I already knew that was the only school district that she wanted her kids in.

She did not want them to have to relocate, and I really can’t blame her. The two of us were raised in a military family, and it was always so hard to be the new kids in school, especially once we became teens. I was happy she wanted to just move closer to work and not out of the area altogether. When I found a three bedroom apartment that is only a few minutes from both where she works as well as the girls’ school, I knew that she was going to really like it too.

I was not worried about the girls, because I knew they were not happy in the rental house they had been living in for the last year. With this apartment, they would have a swimming pool, a place where they can work out, and they will even be able to bring their two dogs with them. It really is perfect for them, and the fact that it puts them closer to me too is just a really nice bonus. I am so happy that my sister liked it as much as I did, and they moved in just a few weeks after she first looked at it. All three of them are much happier now, and I am too!