Everyone is Happier at This Apartment

I knew that my sister needed help finding an apartment closer to her work, so I made it my mission to do that for her. She has two daughters who are nearly teens, so she had her hands full between working full time, being a single mom, and raising two very active kids. I knew she had been wanting to move, and she was able to afford something much nicer than where they were living. I did a search for Lake Highlands apartments in Dallas TX because I already knew that was the only school district that she wanted her kids in.

She did not want them to have to relocate, and I really can’t blame her. (more…)

An Apartment in My Hometown

I have never lived anywhere other than here in Towson. I was born here, went to school here, went to college here, and now I work here. I have been to other places and even to a couple of other countries, but this is the only home I have ever known. When I graduated from college, I decided to start looking at apartments for rent for Towson MD. My mom understood my need for independence, but my dad tried his best to convince me to stay at home and save my money. (more…)

The Biggest Apartment I’ve Ever Had

When I started looking at a luxury apartment for Boston area residents, I knew I found the perfect one as soon as I saw the Rockport floor plan for the Ocean 650 apartments. I wanted to have a lot of room because I have lived in small apartments for the last ten years. It was time for a change, and I knew picking the right apartment for me was a huge step in that direction. I had looked at studio apartments at first, thinking that they would be a bit bigger since they are in a luxury complex.

While they were, the studio apartments still felt too small for me. I then looked at the different one bedroom units, and there were quite a few layouts to choose from. It shouldn’t be too surprising that I ended up taking the largest one. I could have fit my last two apartments in this one, so that is indicative of how much space I now have. (more…)